I’m always mad about something if I wasn’t mad I’d probably die

“Somewhere between murder and suicide, there’s a place called Merseyside.”

— Milton Jones


shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license

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I could never be with someone who proclaims their undying love for me on a constant basis and writes lame ass poems and shit, and adds hearts to every other sentence.

It’d need to be someone who’s cold and distant but maintains a mutual appreciation I guess.


David Shrigley


David Shrigley

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I hate Birdy.

So much.

If you play Birdy around me I will go into a seething rage.

Maybe possibly Game of Throne spoilers below but probably not because I’m going to speak as vaguely as possible~~

WHAT THE FUCK. I haven’t even read that far into the book but what happened with Jaime is totally not his character and I am grossly disappointed.

Also the scene between Podrick and Tyrion had me verging on tears. Pod’s one of my favorites.

I’m so fuckin glad shit is finally happening at the wall, that storyline bores the shit out of me and now it might be interesting.

Dany being a badass as per usual.

Good lord.

Reading a Storm of Swords while simultaneously watching the new season of Game of Thrones is kind of confusing. It’s like… I’m being really, really bad and skipping some of the chapters where I know nothing of importance happens and George R R Martin is just describing what people look like and what food they’re eating.

I swear once I’m caught up with the show, I will hang on every word I read.

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