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don’t talk to strangers online because you will become best friends with them, and the distance will ruin your life


true friends don’t judge each other

they judge other people


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i found out my roommate’s name today this is all v. exciting

A few things-

  1. Stop reblogging and liking that Fleetwood Mac song I posted forever ago, y’all are driving me nuts with all the notifications on my phone.
  2. If you feel like being nostalgic, go download Origin, then redeem the code I-LOVE-THE-SIMS for all of the Sims 2 expansions for FREE. You’re welcome.
  3. It’s hot as fuck here and my hands are sticky and I don’t like it.


Now I need to get everything I need. I think I’m gonna buy stuff online and ship it to my sister. But then I have to figure out how to get all my shit up to Lock Haven.

I’ve never lived in a dorm, I lived in Halls of Residence and it’s way different, how do I handle this, what do I need.

happy happy happy.

I guess I can let it out in the open now. Today I went to a visa interview at the American Consulate, to apply for a 10 month student visa to study at Lock Haven University. I’m still a student of Liverpool Hope, but I’m spending my second year in PA.

I was extremely nervous about actually getting the visa because of various complications of my past living situations. But it actually went very smoothly and it didn’t matter in the end.

So yeah! I will be flying to Newark in 3 weeks. I still need to book my flight but I’m aiming for the 12th - 14th. One of those days. Because it’s so close to departure date, I’ll take what I can get.

I am over the moon, to be honest. Still anxious, but I won’t be once I get everything sorted. Starting a new adventure!


Me as a good friend: *supports and encourages ur hoe activities*

:’) #DavidShrigley #Genius

:’) #DavidShrigley #Genius

Welp. 10:15 tomorrow morning I have an interview that’ll decide my life for the next year. Wish me luck.


oh I have a thing tomorrow? guess I’ll go to bed at 2 AM instead of 3 AM

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